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The Mission of Helping Haywood

It’s our goal to seek the opportunity to help those in need in Haywood County.  

All donations designated to Helping Haywood are managed by Faith Community Church of Haywood County. 
Donations are tax deductible.  You will receive a gift receipt from Faith Community Church.

Disaster Recovery Process in Haywood County - THANK YOU!!!

on Wednesday, August 18, Helping Haywood began a disaster recovery process to assist those in need after the destructive flooding associated with the remnants of tropical system Fred. A command center was established in  the annex of Faith Community Church.  Over the course of one week we saw hundreds of people and businesses come and donate items such as water, cleaning supplies, tools, and more!  We were blessed with numerous volunteers that helped keep the center open for 12 hours a day for a total of 96 hours!  Through your giving, we were able to resource thousands of dollars worth of items into the communities of Bethel, Canton, Clyde, and Cruso.  

*We are NOT accepting any further physical donations at this time

When we opened our collection center, we made the decision to operate it for one week and then reassess the needs in the community.  At this time, the need for collections has turned into more direct, individual needs.  Therefore, we will be using our social media account to try to connect people with specific needs to those in our community willing to sponsor and/or donate to the cause.  


We are now moving into phase II of our relief efforts and will begin focusing on connecting volunteers with cleanup and restoration.  Moving into the month of September, we will begin reaching out to form volunteer teams to further aid in distribution of items, and conduct small recovery construction projects.  


Helping Haywood will start sending out a weekly newsletter to keep everyone up-to-date with our efforts and connected to see how you can help.  The newsletter will feature stories of restoration and recovery so you can see your donations at work.  You will also see opportunities to get involved.

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Thank you for Helping Haywood!

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