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The Mission of Helping Haywood

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Disaster Recovery Process in Haywood County - THANK YOU!!!

On Wednesday, August 18, Helping Haywood began a disaster recovery process to assist those in need after the destructive flooding associated with tropical storm Fred displaced over 500 people in Haywood County, NC. A command center was established in the annex of Faith Community Church of Waynesville.  Over the course of one week we saw hundreds of people and businesses donate items such as water, cleaning supplies, tools, and more!  We were blessed with numerous volunteers that helped keep the center open for 12 hours a day for a total of 96 hours!  Through the giving of our donors, we were able to resource thousands of dollars worth of items into the communities of Bethel, Canton, Clyde, and Cruso. 

When we opened our collection center, we made the decision to operate it for one week and then reassess the needs in the community.  Many state agencies, non-profits, and community leaders began to step up and the future of recovery efforts began to take shape.  While there are countless needs at this time, Helping Haywood quickly realized the biggest area we could assist with would be helping fund local contractors towards the repair of damaged roads, driveways, and bridges.  It was reported that over 70 private bridges were either damaged or lost in the flooding, while hundreds of private roads and driveways were impacted.  To date, Helping Haywood has funded over $100,000 worth of damages to roadways caused by the flood waters.  Through a partnership with WMF Land Services and the United Way of Haywood County, we hope to continue with these efforts as long as possible.

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Photos from The Mountaineer, Smoky Mountain News, and Private Collections